The latest report from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture says 58 wildfires are active across the state burning 12,278 acres.

The department says at least five new wildfires have started in East Tennessee since Friday, including one in Cocke County.

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The Tennessee State Agriculture Commissioner has issued a state burn ban for nine counties in Tennessee. Claiborne, Jefferson, Loudon, Monroe, Cumberland, Sevier, Hamilton, Robertson and Marion counties all have burn bans in place until further notice.

Burn ban map for November 12, 2016.

The ban applies to all open-air burning including leaf and woody debris and construction burning, campfires and other fire activity outside of places where local ordinances apply.

The cities of Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg have both also issued open burning bans. They plan to reevaluate the city bans on November 15.

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Earlier this week, Knox County Air Quality Management issued its own ban on Knox County burning.

“Due to dry conditions and little prospect for rain, firefighters are seeing an increase in fire activity across the state,” Commissioner Templeton said. “The public should use good judgment and avoid situations that cause fire and put citizens, property and emergency workers at risk.”

A violation of the state's burn ban is considered reckless burning and is punishable as a Class A misdemeanor which carries a fine of $2,500 and could include up to 11 months 29 days in jail.