Preparing your home for the cold weather season will not only save you money, but help keep you and your family more comfortable and cozy.

You can start by taking hoses off the exterior of your home and installing faucet covers.

Then move to the doors and make sure they are sealing tightly. The best way to keep the cold air, critters and water from coming into your home is to make sure the weather stripping is in one piece and not dented or bent.

This weather stripping is torn, and needs to be replaced to keep cold air and water from coming into the home.

Windows are another way that cold air can find its way into your home. Check to see if you have any cracks or gaps in your window seal, then use silicone to fill them in.

A way to insulate your windows from the inside is to use plastic and double-sided tape to create a seal around the window frame. The air between the plastic will act as an insulator and keep the cold air near the window instead of inside your home.

Finally, make sure your attic is properly insulated and keep the damper on your fireplace closed when it's not in use.

These simple tips and tricks will help keep your home cozy through the winter season.