People across the country will be looking up at the sky on Monday for the total solar eclipse.

For some in Crossville, celebrating the eclipse will mean much more than just gazing into the sky for a couple of minutes.

"You’ve got about two minutes of total darkness or whatever the total eclipse is," said Matt Miller, owner of Social Brew. "But we want to stretch it out into two days of fun and hanging out."

Thirteen bands on two stages will play throughout the two-day Dark Side of the Moon Festival centered around the eclipse.

The festival goes from Sunday to Tuesday morning, and will be hosted at Oaklawn Farms in Crossville. The event is expected to attract between 300 and 400 people.

"We’ve got people coming from all over the country," said Jason Kemmer, owner of Oaklawn Farms. "As far as Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maine."

Crossville will be right in the path of totality and will experience about two-and-a-half minutes of darkness.

For the small town, the eclipse symbolizes a big opportunity to bring tourists to the area.

"There’s so many events going on," said Cole Kemmer of Oaklawn Farms. "It’s really been good for the smaller communities like this."

However, it may also prove to come with many challenges.

"We’re expecting some big crowds, we just don’t know how big," said Crossville City Manager Greg Wood. "That’s the problem we’re facing."

The city of Crossville is placing additional firefighters and police officers on duty on Monday to ensure emergency responders can get to people in need, even with the large amount of people expected in the area.

"We may just have more traffic that our roads are designed for," said Wood. "I’m of course worried about our first responders getting to any situations."

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