When you're Adele and you're not satisfied with your tribute to an inspiration and countryman, you start over.

The British songstress had begun a soulful cover of George Michael's Fastlove when something seemed to go wrong, causing her to swear (which was covered by the customary seven-second delay) and stopped the performance.

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In the press room, there was an audible cry out of surprise from reporters watching the monitors behind Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott, who had just come backstage. All eyes went to Adele on the monitor as she tried to start up again.

"I know it's live TV," Adele said. "I can't do it again like last year," she noted, referencing her 2016 performance, which suffered from audio problems that made her sound pitchy.

"I'm sorry, I can't mess this up for him," she said. "Can we start over?"

Putting her hand over hear heart, she added, "I'm really sorry. I'm sorry, Ken," apologizing to producer Ken Erlich.

And after one more nervous curse word, she and the band started over.

When she finished the number a few minutes later, she shed a tear as the audience got on its feet for a standing ovation.

All is forgiven, Adele.

But just to be really sure, after winning Song of the Year for Hello, she issued another mea culpa: "I really do apologize for swearing. It's George Michael, I love him and it means the world to me, so I'm sorry if I offended anyone anywhere."

Some viewers expressed amazement that even Adele still manages to be awesome even when messing up in front of millions.

And at least one vowed to use the occasion as a life lesson.