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10 Gets Toasty: Step inside an infrared sauna in Knoxville

If you're searching for a way to escape the chill of the winter months and benefit your health, a sweat sesh inside a sauna just might be the answer.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Ready to relax, release and detoxify? A sauna may be the fit for you!

Saunas have been around for centuries, but new technology is making them safer, more comfortable and with greater health benefits.

And in West Knoxville, healing practitioner Katie Lesch operates BASK Infrared Sauna, a Clearlight infrared sauna.

It's a simple, easy and affordable visit. New customers fill out a waiver, go over any medical problems, determine their goals for the visit and then enjoy the sauna.

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"You would come in, I would show you the cabin where it is. There's a closed-off dressing area," Lesch explained. "You undress to your comfort; some wear gym clothes, others wrap in a towel. I have robes if you came from work."

A typical session lasts 30 minutes and costs $20 dollars for first-timers, and $27 per visit after that. Lesch says she will come up with treatment plans with customers, but even one visit a month can reap benefits.

"It's boosting your immune system by raising your core temperature. It helps your body naturally fight off illnesses and diseases and it will help boost your metabolism to help you lose weight."

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Bask's sauna will look and feel different than a traditional sauna.

"The Clearlight infrared sauna uses infrared light to heat versus a traditional sauna that used other types of heat like wood or electricity. The infrared actually heats your body and not the air around you," Lesch said. "It's easier to breath in the Clearlight sauna because it's a dry heat."


How much you will sweat all depends on your hydration levels.

"If you're a little on the dehydrated side, you might not sweat very much, but you're still going to get the benefits. If you're pretty hydrated you're going to sweat a lot and the higher the temperature, of course you're going to sweat," Lesch said.

Bottled waters and damp towels are nearby just in case you need to hydrate or freshen up.

Credit: WBIR

While Lesch operates the sauna, she also practices what she preaches.

"I can only speak from personal experience. I have tried traditional saunas before and they make me feel icky and drained, the big difference with this one is I don't feel that afterwards," Lesch explained.

"I realized I feel what I call "quiet alert." My brain kind of calms down, because it's a quiet space. How often do we take thirty minutes and sit quietly without our phones, the TV or some sort of input coming in. For me it has a meditative quality."

She encourages people to give the sauna a try if they have joint pain, high blood pressure, aren't sleeping well or are trying to lose weight.

Unlike a heating pad that will only focus on one area at a time, the sauna can use all-encompassing heat to reduce joint paint and relax the muscles and body.

"It's going to help support your body in all kinds of things and help you feel good afterwards," Lesch said.

I gave it a go myself and just a few minutes in was already sweating.

It was really nice and kind of calming to sit in the quiet, relax and just take a deep breath.

For more information, visit baskinfraredsauna.com.