SPOKANE, Wash. — A Spokane Valley couple turned their 6-month-old son into a real life elf on the shelf.

Meet Kaley and Clay Burke's 6-month-old son, Charlie:

Charlie became an Elf on the Shelf this holiday season after his parents decided to make a Christmas tradition come to life.

Kaley Burke said she and her husband first dressed up their son and posted his costumes on social media for Halloween. She said the reaction from their family and friends was overwhelmingly positive so they decided to keep it going.

“For Halloween we did a 'Charlie's Halloweek' where we dressed him up in different costumes,” Burke said. “Then a bunch of our family and friends asked us if we would do 12 days of Christmas.”

For the past 12 days, Kaley and Clay have dressed their son up in the traditional costume, created elaborate scenarios and posted photos of their little-elf.

And the results are as hilarious as they are cute.

Burke said she googled ideas for where to put a traditional Elf on the Shelf and created the backdrop for her son Charlie.

For a look at the families full Elf on the Shelf photo shoot, check out their Instagram.