It's not a total wrap yet, but that's not stopping the cast and crew of "Dog Years" from celebrating like it is one!

Star Burt Reynolds and others came out for a get-together at the Tennessee Theatre to celebrate nearly finishing all the camera work for the film. This weekend was the last that most of the cast and crew would be together in Knoxville.

A producer said the film crew has enjoyed their time in Knoxville and will be sad to leave East Tennessee.

"We've had tremendous hospitality, but over and above," Producer Gordon Whitener said. "People have gone out of their way, and really when we're in a crowd. They know we've got a job to do and, really, they've just been superb."

Even Knoxville Police Chief David Rausch was in on Saturday's action.

Crews expect to finish filming in town next week. The film stars Burt Reynolds, Ariel Winter and Chevy Chase. So far, no release date has been set for the movie.