A Strawberry Plains woman is still in shock after a car came barreling into her mobile home Friday night.

Janice Gregg said she was sitting in her living room around 8 p.m. when the car plowed through her bedroom.

“There was this loud bang, and I got up to see what it was,” Gregg said.

Knox County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Lawrence Johnson, 37 after driving with a revoked license, according to an incident report. That's after receiving a DUI June 2012.

He did not have car insurance. Lawrence told deputies he was just trying to get home when he drove off the road.

Gregg driveway sits along a sharp curve. Despite signs reminding drivers to slow down, this is not the first time a car has crashed into her home.

“I originally thought someone had hit the guard rail and tore up the retaining wall again, but this time, like last year, they wound up in the house,” Gregg said.

Last April, Gregg said a driver rammed through her living room. Twice before that, she said drivers smashed into her retaining wall. That makes this the fourth time a car has hit her property. By now, she’s getting frustrated.

Last year, Gregg said she took her concern to Knox County officials.

“The only option they gave me was to block off my driveway,” she said. She hoped they would put in speed bumps to slow drivers, but instead, she set out a barrel along the road as a warning. Gregg said she’s financially able to build a new driveway, and she’s not willing to move.

“My insurance is the one that’s going to take the hit again. I fully expect them to try to cancel me, again,” she said.

Servpro Restoration Services patched up the side of the home Friday. Gregg said her insurance adjuster is coming on Monday. She’s not sure what will happen, but she has a message for drivers.

“"You need to be responsible. You need to be responsible for your actions."