PERRY, NY -- The story of a Wyoming County marine has gone viral on the internet this week.

Sergeant Daniel Cooley, of Perry, flew home from Iraq to meet his twin newborn sons and his wife at the Golisano Children's Hospital in Rochester this week.

The two were born 12 weeks premature last week, and with help from the Red Cross and the military, Cooley was on the way to his family within 48 hours.

The story then went viral, thanks to pictures that the hospital put on Twitter.

"I noticed myself on the plane a lot, sitting there like, 'I am on my way home right now to see my wife and two newborn baby boys,'" Cooley said. "I still find myself when I'm looking at them, it's like, these are my sons. It's crazy."

The twins are doing well, and they'll stay at the NICU for a few months.

Sergeant Cooley says he'll be able to spend some time with his newly expanded family before he heads back overseas.