The nation watched Pat Summitt change the game of basketball for four decades. With each championship win, there was another change: her hairstyle.

"Pat was never a prissy woman, she was never a vain woman, but she cared about how she looked,” hairdresser Bobbie Dunn said. "I'd always do her hair on the Final Four trip and do her hair in her room."

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Traveling as just a fan, Dunn would toss her styling tools in her purse to help the coach out as a friend.

It was Dunn’s careful hands that Pat Summit trusted for more than 25 years.

"I was a nobody in the scheme of Pat Summitt's life but she made me feel special,” Dunn said. “And that never changed I always felt very close to her.”

Dunn kept Summitt styled and encouraged.

"Sometimes she'd come in and say ‘I don't know, I just don't know how we are going to do tonight?’ And I'd say ‘Oh Pat you got this!'" Dunn said.

Dunn became not just her stylist and cheerleader, but eventually a close friend.

"She just drew you in, and you just couldn't walk away from it,” said Dunn. “We laughed a lot, she had a wicked sense of humor.”

Time in the chair created a bond between the pair, as they reminisced over similar childhood backgrounds, and just talked about life.

It was a bond that let Bobbie be a part of Pat's personal life, even coming to the rescue when Summitt gave her son, Tyler, an unfortunate haircut.

“I think Tyler was maybe 3 or 4,” Dunn said. “At 7 o’clock in the morning my phone rings at home...and I answer the phone and she says, 'Bobbie, its Pat.' She said, 'I've ruined Tyler...We did his hair last night on the back deck and he’s refusing to go to school!'”

"I took the little guy, gave him a buzz, because that’s all that could be done at that time," Dunn said. "I told her Pat, you stick to coaching and leave the haircutting to me!"

Bobbie has shared story after story with her clients since Summitt's death, helping her cope with the loss of her friend.

"It's very hard, but it's also very healing,” Dunn said. “That's what I've done for the last two days is tell Pat Summitt stories, to help heal.”