Knoxville — More than 300 students packed into a lecture hall in the University of Tennessee's Alumni Memorial Building Sunday night for the second annual "SEC Without Walls."

The night of worship occurred simultaneously at all 14 SEC schools. The event is not tied to any denomination or campus ministry, but instead focuses on uniting all Christians for a time of prayer and worship.

"Until now it seems like everyone has had their group of people that they always worship with, and it gets a little bit almost divided where it seems like we should all be coming together worshipping as one," UT event organizer Kate Kleinhans said.

The event is entirely student led. The volunteers that helped lead the event at UT came from more than two dozen different student ministries, churches and other organizations.

"Rather than 'I'm a member of this ministry' or 'I'm in this sorority or that fraternity or this organization,' it's just to say I am covered by the blood of Jesus and so is everyone else in this room and on this campus," Kleinhans said.

The event is just one hour a year, but Kleinhans hopes it will continue to impact the lives of everyone on campus for the remainder of time moving forward.

"Although SEC Without Walls is one night a year, I think it's a mindset that we can all kind of put on of 'my friend's in other ministries' or 'my friend's in other organizations' or 'my friend's at Florida or Alabama,' while I want to beat them in football, they're still my friends and we're still serving the same God," Kleinhans said.