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Tourist in Your Town | Adventures indoors and out to explore this summer

Summer is in full-swing, but there's a lot more to do around East Tennessee than sit by the pool.

Summer is here, and while it can be a welcome reprieve from the chill of winter, it can also be hard to think of new things to do.

Luckily for you, East Tennessee offers plenty of places to choose from for a quick day trip or afternoon activity to fill up all the dog days of summer. Touring a new place, trying a new sport or trekking to a new perspective with some furry friends are all great options to get off the lounge chair and into a summer full of possibilities.

Hot Springs, North Carolina

Looking for some serenity? Take a trip to Hot Springs, North Carolina. This small town oozes with charm, offering its visitors an oasis of rejuvenation.

10News's Rebecca Sweet dives in to the details in the video below.

To find out how you can craft your own Hot Springs excursion, check out https://www.hotspringsnc.org/.

Smoky Mountain Llama Trek

In the woods of East Tennessee, there's a hidden hiking adventure like no other. 10News's Leslie Ackerson takes a hike alongside some furry, fluffy companions in the video below.

Ready to explore the trails of East Tennessee with this special guide? Smoky Mountain Llama Treks has several different hikes you can choose from, whether it's a few hours or an overnight stay.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Can't stand the 'dog days' heat, but want to get in some fun physical activity? Grab some chalk and get active indoors, like meteorologist Mike Witcher in the video below.

Whether your skills look like Mike's, Harper's or somewhere in between, Onsight Rock Gym offers options for all experience levels.

Still looking for more adventures around East Tennessee? Seek some thrills in the Smokies.

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