KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The University of Tennessee takes on Alabama on Saturday where the Vols are looking for their 12th straight win. 

Superfan and Vol historian, Tom Mattingly said he's hopeful for this season and thinks the players are top notch. 

"It took a couple years to get this thing rolling, but this amazing group never seems to be out of the game," Mattingly said. 

The third ranked men's team shows promise early in the season and the last time Mattingly noticed this kind of spark was in 1975. 

"I haven't seen a team like that since Ernie and Bernie back in the 70's," Mattingly said. 

It was a 1975 game against Kentucky that he can't seem to forget. UT won 103-98 and ended that season 21-6 under head coach Ray Mears. 

"As far as one single game being exciting and memorable, that was the game," Mattingly said.  

While some good teams have emerged between now and then, there's something about the attitude of the 2019 Vols that Mattingly is stuck on. 

"They're not only good players, but good people.There have been many teams come through here that have amazing talent, but they aren't together as a team," Mattingly said. 

Without jumping to conclusions or jinxing the team, the vol historian just said he knows the team has a bright future. 

As for the Vols game on Saturday, Mattingly said Alabama is an old rivalry that goes back to the 70's.

The game is at 2 pm tomorrow at home. Tickets are sold out, but you can watch it on ESPN2