KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A family full of massage therapists won't rub you the wrong way. 

She was pursuing art. He was a trucker. She was in the medical field. Then they discovered a new career: massage therapy. 

"I highly recommend anybody that's under a lot of stress or dealing with a lot of pain to see a massage therapist," Angela Peters said. 

Angels is a Licensed Massage Therapist at The Massage Remedy.

Angela's husband, David, is a student at the Arbor College School of Massage. 

"Having her pave the way was definitely easier for me that way. I knew what I was expecting, I knew what to expect," David Peters said. 

Back massage
Back massage

 "I wouldn't say coach, necessarily. Maybe motivator. But not necessarily coach," Angela said. 

Their daughter, Shelby, is also a student there. Father and daughter study together.

"The book classes, they're a little bit challenging because you've got to learn the body and everything. But the massaging part, according to my teacher, I am naturally good at it," Shelby Peters said. 

Naturally, clients relax and de-stress during a massage. Some even fall asleep.  

"It makes me feel great. We always call it massage brain," Angela said.

David enjoys the satisfaction of giving a good massage. 

"I find the knots, I work them out, and I make people happy," he said. 

Foot massage
Foot massage

Is a family full of massage therapists a guarantee for frequent free massages?

"I am asked to rub the feet a lot. Of course, she's on her feet quite a bit," David said of his wife. 

Shelby said, "Yeah, I can, but you'll have to give me like 30 minutes or so because my hands are aching from massaging."

Shelby and David still have about seven months of massage school then they'll need to pass a written exam before becoming professional massage therapists.  

"It's a proud moment for a mom see her family take the steps also," Angela said. 

Their family also includes a son who will not join the family profession.

"I doubt it. He loves his life in the military," she said. 

Shelby, David, and Angela Peters have a plan.

"Once we get our license we plan on having our own establishment."

They are spreading the word about a career in massage. Shelby convinced her best friend, Jayde Spanos, to sign up for massage school.