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Halloween Bark Candy is the trick-or-treat treat you didn't know you needed

Shona House has found a delicious way to wish someone a Happy Halloween

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Halloween Candy Bark 

Prepared by Shona House with Faith Baked Cakes


1 lb white chocolate candy melts melted according to package instructions
1/4 cup bright pink candy melts
1/4 cup bright green candy melts
1/4 cup orange candy melts
1/4 cup purple candy melts
1/4 cup black candy melts
1 cup SweeTARTS candy skulls and bones
2 Tbs. sprinkles for decorating (I used small black nonpareils and bright purple sanding sugar)

Candy eyes for decorating 

You can use just about any candies you like to eat 

Today I just used white candy melts. But you can use any color candy melts you like. 


1.    Line a cookie sheet or jelly roll pan with wax paper or parchment paper and set aside.

2.    Place candy melts in a separate microwave-safe bowl. Melt according to package instructions.

3.    Working quickly, pour the white chocolate candy melts into your prepared pan and spread evenly over pan. Drizzle with remaining melted candy colors of using different colors of candy melts of using. 

While chocolate is still warm, add all types of fun or spooky Halloween candies and sprinkles.  Gently press the candies of your choice like SweeTARTs candy skulls and bones into the melted chocolate, evenly distributing across the surface of the chocolate.

Decorate with additional sprinkles and candy eyes (if using).

Allow chocolate to harden (it will harden at room temperature but you can expedite the process by transferring to the refrigerator) and then cut or break into pieces and serve.

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