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"Being torn between taking care of their children, and their employment" | Parents upset with KCS decision to cancel school last minute

After Knox County Schools made the decision to cancel class late Sunday evening, it left many parents scrambling for childcare hours.

KNOX COUNTY, Tenn. — The decision to cancel school Monday gave teachers and parents roughly 12 hours to come up with a plan B.

"Well, receiving the notification last night at 6:30, that school would be closed today was a bit of a surprise for me," said Eric Moore, a KCS parent 

The district had several days to prepare if they did want to cancel school.

"It was definitely challenging happening so close to the end of the weekend and beginning of next," Brian Francis, another KCS parent, said.

That decision to halt school was not only a surprise, but one parents wish they could get more clarity on.

"Either give us more information or explain why you had to wait until the last minute to make this decision," Francis said.

Their concern comes from being in the difficult position parents with the lack of childcare or options get left in.

"Being torn between taking care of their children, and their employment is a difficult spot to be put into," Moore said.

"We do not have family in the immediate area. So we don't really have anybody that can, on a whim come and help with childcare," said Francis

Eric Moore says the school system should be prepared and not leave parents in precarious situations. 

"They should've been a bit more proactive that could have given more heads up for people, or even better, they would have anticipated this eventuality long ago," he said.

Now these dads search for transparency and getting their students back into the classroom.

"I wish they would be more upfront with what do they need to prepare for, you know, the correspondence with us was, they needed time to prepare for this order," Francis said.

Again, the note to parents from the superintendent said the district needed to give administrators and staff more time to comply with the court order.