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Crews put original, 100-year-old bricks back on Jackson Avenue ramps

Crews put the century-old brick pavers back in place on the ramps along Jackson Avenue, as construction continues. The ramps are expected to be open on Dec. 8.
Credit: City of Knoxville

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — There are several historical sights in downtown Knoxville's Old City, and one of those sights will stay after an $8.7 million construction project.

Officials said crews put the 100-year-old red brick pavers back in place on the Jackson Avenue ramps as the project nears completion. They said that the bricks were removed, cleaned and put into safe keeping last year when construction in Old City began.

New utility infrastructures were also installed as part of the construction project. Crews with Bell and Associates Construction removed the old deficient ramps and installed newer structures, officials said. They said that foundations for the historic buildings were also reinforced.

Concrete supports for the new ramps were poured and decks were also built, according to a release.

Officials said that the project is less than three weeks away from being substantially complete. With the end of the project near, they said crews have been placing the bricks back on the top of the ramps. They also placed stamped concrete at the base of the ramps that will look similar to the bricks.

The new ramps, connecting Jackson Avenue and Gay Street in the Old City, are scheduled to be completed by Dec. 8. Officials said that detail work on the ramps may continue by that time, but the ramps are expected to be open for vehicles and pedestrians again by then.

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