KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The City of Knoxville is hosting a 10-month study to see where they can build more sidewalks. As a part of the research, leaders need your help to find the trouble spots.

This is the first sidewalk study that the City has ever done before, but it will be similar to bike study leaders conducted in 2014. The goal is simple: finding the safest way to get people from point A to point B on foot.

The study is set to begin this spring. The City is working to identify the areas that lack sidewalks to nearby grocery stores, the bus stop or even to a school.

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Leaders are hoping to find the best connections and the best route for people in different communities. During the 10-month study, the City will use GIS networks to analyze destinations along with information from the public to map out what places need improvement.

Jon Livengood with the City's engineering department said sidewalks are needed all over the city.

“East Knoxville and Old North Knoxville have a decent amount,” Livengood said. “West Knoxville was developed much later, and they are lacking a lot of sidewalks. It’s all over town.”

At this time, leaders aren't sure how many new sidewalks could be built.

Livengood said the money used to fund the project will be a part of the newly appointed mayor’s budget.

But this project could be costly depending on how many sidewalks are built. Livengood said on average, it costs about $300 dollars per foot per sidewalk.

“When you're building a sidewalk project you're also building a drainage project. You're working on the road,” Livengood said. “So you have all these factors that come into building a sidewalk that is much more than just concrete.”

The City will host six different open houses. The first two meetings are Thursday, June 13 at Deane Hill Recreation Center and Burlington Branch Library.

The next set of meetings are set for Wednesday, June 19 at South Doyle Middle School’s Library and Larry Cox Senior Center.

The last set of meetings will happen on Thursday, June 20 at Christenberry Recreation Center and Cumberland Estates Recreation Center.

All open houses will be held from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. Gresham Smith is the consultant on the project.

Remember, this sidewalk study is for future sidewalks, not existing ones. 

If you have a sidewalk in your community that needs repair, you can alert the city by dialing 311 and report it.