KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — In just about a week's time, the Florida Gators went from interested in Bearden senior Ques Glover to offering him a spot on the team in Gainesville.

"I always believe in myself, I always believed I could play at that level, but for it to actually come true and have a school at the power five level call me, yeah I was a little surprised," said Glover.

Bearden head coach Jeremy Parrott says after an assistant coach called asking about Glover, the process unfolded faster than Glover's release on a jump shot.

"It went quickly to grades and transcripts and then it went quickly to 'we'll be there Friday,'" Parrott said.

 Before the Gators came calling, Charlotte, Samford, FIU, Western Carolina, Middle Tennessee State and Western Kentucky were all on Glover's radar. When Parrott told him Florida was interested, his heart started racing.

"I was a little nervous because that's a big time school, a power five school, SEC," said Glover. "For them to show a little interest in me, it's a lot."

Coach Parrott says he believes Florida is getting an exemplary student-athlete.

"When you see him play, all you see is his bravado and his swagger and the way he carries himself and the chip he plays with and that's tough for fans to identify with sometimes, regardless of how you see him," said Parrott.

"I'm very happy for him, how often do you work toward a goal and strive for it and want it to happen so badly and often times it doesn't."

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Glover recognizes this isn't just him. He knows he's had incredible support along the way, especially during the recruiting process.

" A few of my teammates, I talked to them about it, like tell them how stressed out I am about it, they'd be there for me no matter what, they'd keep me up, not get too down on myself. Coach Parrott he's always there for me, the assistants, anytime I want to get in the gym, shoot some things off, they're always there for me so that means a lot."

Dreams becoming reality.

"We tell these kids all the time, if I know one thing, it's hard work pays off and to see it pay off is really cool, to see the smile on his face and to know that he realized something he had worked for is pretty special."