KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — UPDATE (12/26/2019): The Salvation Army said it raised $316,630 this year during its Red Kettle Campaign.

You've been hearing bells ringing around town for more than a month now. The Salvation Army of Knoxville was trying to raise $333,000 this holiday season, but came up short by about $16,000 of its goal.

The Salvation Army said it's still grateful to all the people who donated and volunteered this year. 

Original Story: (12/12/2019): 

So far they've raised $167,000, meaning they've got halfway to go until their deadline on December 25.

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Taking one or two hours out of your day may seem pretty minimal, but to the Salvation Army it could make a huge difference. If you don't have the means to donate, they're asking you for your time as a volunteer.

"It's so fulfilling, so rewarding, so incredible to witness the generosity in the season of Christmas," said Captain Dan Nelson. 

Less than two weeks remain to fill their red kettle buckets to meet the $333,000 goal. 

"When you hear that bell we want you to recognize that there's a need in the community and this is an opportunity to meet that need," said Nelson. 

The Salvation Army has 83 locations they are allowed to ring bells, but a shortage of volunteers keeps them from being at every place. 

Grace Christian Academy 3rd and 4th graders were out Thursday night volunteering their time for a few hours at Kroger on Emory Road. They're encouraging everyone to take some time out of their day and do the same.

You can sign up to volunteer here.

The Salvation Army of Knoxville is also just days away from handing out hundreds of Angel Tree gifts. From stuffed animals, to bikes and shoes, each gift is heading to a local child.