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UT: Preliminary participation rate for COVID-19 saliva testing at 60%

Officials said they will follow up with students who are not providing required samples, and that there are disciplinary measures that can be taken.

Officials with the University of Tennessee said that around 60% of the campus community was participating in pooled saliva testing for COVID-19.

They said that by testing saliva in groups, they can identify positive cases faster — especially asymptomatic cases. The university requires students who live on-campus to get tested for COVID-19, including sorority and fraternity houses.

Around 4,700 students were tested last week, but officials said that some students weren't showing up.

"We will follow up with those students who are not providing the required samples," said Dr. Spencer Gregg with the Student Health Center. "And there is disciplinary measures that can be undertaken, such as a hold placed on their UT account."

Testing events and makeup days are available on the University of Tennessee website. They are sorted by different residence halls, and several will be held over the next week.