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Investigators: Former KPD deputy chief had a 'reputation' for sexual misconduct

Deputy Chief Ron Green abruptly retired in December while under investigation. New documents reveal the extent of the allegations against him.

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — Documents obtained by 10News reveal investigators believe a now-former deputy chief at the Knoxville Police Department had a 'reputation' for sexual misconduct.

More than 200 pages of interview transcripts from the internal affairs investigation detail encounters that five women say should not have happened.

Investigators substantiated all but one of those formal complaints.

"It was inappropriate, yet no one was surprised"

Around 2009, an officer said then-Lieutenant Ron Green showed up at her house uninvited. She said it was early, likely before 7 a.m.

"I opened the door and Lt. Green entered my home. He leaned in as if he were to kiss me and stepped back," she told investigators. "I immediately told him to leave."

She said she found the incident offensive and disrespectful, astonished that he would show up at her "safe haven." She was in her pajamas at the time. 

"I was almost petrified," she said. "I was so upset that he had done this because I liked the relationship I had, I like coming to work and after that, it was just awful."

She reported it to her supervisors and was told Lt. Green would be counseled for it. The paperwork never made it to his personnel file; investigators aren't sure why.

"That is what infuriated me. I continued to work for him and watch him get promoted," she said. "These promotions sent a signal."

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Credit: WBIR

"I took it on myself thinking it was my fault"

In 1998, a 17-year-old high school student was part of KPD's explorer program. On her way home, she told investigators then-Officer Ron Green stopped her and her friend while directing traffic outside a church. 

"I loved talking to officers. I've always just wanted to be a cop," she said. "I also overshare. I had mentioned that I had my senior pictures coming up the next day." 

Green showed up outside her house in plain clothes and his personal car the next day and offered to drive her. She and her mom didn't think any of it because officers typically drove her home after the KPD explorer program. 

"Just as we're pulling out of the parking lot, he stops the car and leans over like he's going to kiss me and I jerk back," she said. "I took it on myself thinking that it was my fault or that I had caused it or that I'd given him the wrong impression."

She decided to speak up because she wants to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else, like the daughter she recently had.

"If it had stopped with me, then that was it, then whatever," she said. "What happens if my daughter comes here and now he's the chief of police and has extra power or something?"

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