KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — After more than three decades in Northeast Knoxville, Knoxville Center Mall, or East Towne Mall depending on who you're talking to, is closing down for good.

Tenants can remain until Jan. 31, 2020 when their leases will be terminated. 

On a walkthrough of the mall, only a handful of stores remained open.

Oct. 31, 2019: East Towne Mall's End: Knoxville Center closing at the end of January

  • Mandarin Buffet
  • LensCrafters 
  • Knox County Schools adult education 
  • Perfect Brows 
  • Belk 
  • Regal Tuxedo 
  • Oriental Express 
  • CM Games
  • FootAction 
  • The Gilded Gown 
  • Bath and Body Works 
  • Avis Budget Rental
  • Regal movie theatre

Regal employees told 10News that Oct. 31 was their last day.

A few visitors were walking around, but overall, the mall was quiet and empty. 

One family took the opportunity to stage a zombie photo shoot for Halloween.

October 2019: Knoxville Center Mall, closing soon, is the perfect setting for a zombie photoshoot

zombie photo shoot knoxville center mall
Amanda Giasson shared these photos of a zombie apocalypse photoshoot at Knoxville Center Mall.
Amanda Giasson

The only thing to break the silence was Bobby Pickett's Halloween classic, "Monster Mash" playing over the speakers.

Over the past decade, long-standing tenants started shuttering their stores as a customer base became sparse.

September 2019: "Hopefully we'll bring some life back over here" | New event venue opens at Knoxville Center Mall

Most recently, mall owners were hit with legal troubles over failing to pay bills.

Oct. 28, 2019: Lawsuits accuse mall owners of failing to pay security, maintenance bills