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UT students are grateful for student section due to high game day ticket prices

The game is sold out but some people who have tickets for the big day are making the big bucks.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Some students, like Kendyll Jackson and Lila Shipp, were lucky enough to score tickets through an on-campus lottery system. 

"My ticket was the student's ticket, which was $10," said Jackson. 

Shipp is forever grateful to be a student at the University of Tennessee because she does not have to pay an arm and a leg for tickets. 

"I don't know what I would do without the like student discount and being able to get in groups and everything because it's really a lifesaver," said Shipp. 

Unfortunately, all students were not as lucky as Jackson and Shipp. 

Ben Watson, a lifelong vols fan from Nashville, says he's been to a UT Vols football game before and wishes he could attend this weekend. "As a freshman, not really given priority for tickets. So disappointing. But I look forward to watching it on tv."

He mentioned what is really holding him back is the cost of tickets. "I just don't have $300, $400 in cash lying around for a football game.”

But the price only goes up from there.

"I was on the ticket site a few days ago, and there was a ticket in my section, which was $700. Yeah, it's crazy," said Jackson. 

The game is sold out, but some people who have tickets for the big day are making the big bucks. 

There is a Facebook group where people from all over Tennessee re-sell Vols tickets. Someone is selling one for $800. 

"I can't believe that people are actually willing to pay that much, because I would not if I was not sitting in the student section," said Shipp. 

Watson said if the money magically appeared, he would go to the game on Saturday. 

"If a genie gave me $300 in cash in a heartbeat."

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