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KCS Reopening Task Force meets one last time

Dr. Jerry Askew will share the group's insights on July 8.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The first half of the last Knox County Sschools reopening task force meeting was all about the questions.

"Communication, communication, communication," Superintendent Bob Thomas said.

The discussion revolved around questions presented at the first meeting that includes everything from temperature checks to what will happen if a student gets sick.

"Temperature checks, we are looking very closely at that from staff and for students," Thomas said. "We're looking at if a particular student is diagnosed, what is the procedure around that."

The procedure for when a student or a teacher gets sick was a big question and several school leaders stood up to clarify how a school would respond. Thomas said it would depend on the situation but the system would work with the health department on what to do. 

Social distancing on buses was also a big concern. But some of the main concerns across the board centered around equity, safety and communication.

Members of the task force emphasized that parents need more clarification and details with only 40 days out from the start of school.

"We plan to step that up," Thomas said. 

Thomas also took time to explain that parents who wanted their students to learn from home would have the option.

In the second half, task force chair Jerry Askew collected what the group wants communicated to the board next week.

Itt seemed to me that the big question related to safety," he said. 

He also said again equity was a big takeaway as well as curricular concerns.

"How is a teacher supposed to look at in class students and out of class students at the same time," he said. 

He plans to share with the board of education next week on July 8th. Superintendent Bob Thomas will then make recommendations to the board on July 15.

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